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Ignite Fitness opened it's doors in beautiful Chester Springs area in October of 2016. We had a goal to create a community with upbeat and top notch trainers in the area, where people can come to get their me time. While getting your one hour of you time, you are hitting your goals or even goals that you hadn't even set for yourselves. 

Here at Ignite we offer multiple classes to get your sweat on. We have something for everyone no matter what fitness level you are at. The classes we provide are Barre, Boot Camps, Boxing, HIIT, Rhythmic Spin, TRX, Yoga and more. 

Our promise to our community is to give our 110% and to always provide you with a positive experience.

We are One Team, One Community. 


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5 am, 9:45 am, and 12 pm-Strength Training

6 am, 8:45 am, 4:30 pm, and 6:30 pm-Spin

5:30 pm- Barre Sculpt

6:30 pm- Circuit Boxing


5am-Circuit Boxing

6 am- TRX

8:45 am- Boot Camp

9:45 am- Barrelates

5:30 pm- Spin

6:30 pm- CoreX


5 am and 9:45 am-Tread and Shred

6am-HIIT Strength

8:45 am-Barre

12 pm- Spin and Core

5:30 pm-Ignite45

6:30 pm-Power Yoga


5 am- Spin

6 am and 6:30 pm-Barre

8:45 am- TRX

8:45 am- SYNERGY (YOGA)

9:45 am-Spin and Sculpt

5:30 pm- Spin and TRX

6:30 pm- HIIT


5 am- Strength Max

6 am and 8:45 am-Spin

6 am and 12 pm-Tread and Shred

9:45 am- Barreflow


7:15 am-Spin

8 am-Circuit Boxing

8 am- Hustle and Flow (Power Yoga)

9 am- Spin/ Barre/ TRX



7:45 am- Tread and Shred

8:30 am- Spin and Sculpt

9:45 am- Power Yoga


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Ignite Fitness Studio

2940 Conestoga Rd Glenmoore, Pa 19343

Email: acjshivak03@gmail.com

Phone Number: 610-960-9219

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